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A Colorado Commercial Pool Builder

A Colorado Pool Builder

With nearly three decades of commercial pool experience, Aquatic Pool Design & Construction has designed, engineered, and built pools, spas, and water features throughout the front range of Denver and dozens of other projects across the county. – From the smallest condominium pool projects to some of the largest and most well-known projects, everything in between. There isn’t a commercial project we can’t handle.

Whether you are in the planning and budgeting stages and need a qualified pool consultant to help you with design and pool plans or a qualified commercial pool contractor to bid on a project you already have plans for, Aquatic Pool Design & Construction in-house commercial pool specialists will assist you in any way to help make your project come to life.

Your project will be engineered and built to meet all current codes and regulations. Aquatic Pool Design & Construction is involved with state and local regulating authorities to actually assist in developing the regulatory codes for all pools in Colorado. We are the pool industry experts.

Your commercial project is in good hands with Aquatic Pool Design & Construction. And you’ll be in good company – APDC has contracted with many name-brand hotels and resorts, waterparks, fitness centers, schools and universities, and municipalities. Aquatic Pool Design & Construction works with you for yet another successful commercial pool, spa, or water feature project!

"Passion Leads To Design, Design Leads to Performance, Performance Leads To Success!"

Matthew Kaupp - Founder & CEO
The Process

The Commercial Pool Building Process

Depending on the size, requirements, and unique features that enhance the area, a commercial pool construction project may take anywhere between 6-24 weeks depending on weather conditions.

Pre-Construction: Architectural

Overall design and permits ready for submission to the building/health departments (3-4 Weeks)

Phase 1: Layout and Elevations

After getting the plan approval, we begin the construction by setting the elevation and laying out the pool.

Phase 2: Excavation

The topsoil is stripped, and our experienced operators dig the site.

Phase 3: Pool Base

A stone or concrete pool bottom is laid to increase the pool’s structural integrity. The drain plugs go through the ground.

Phase 4: Plumbing and Equipment

Commercial plumbing systems and all electrical conduits are installed in the trench.

Phase 5: Steel Installation

Installation of a steel rebar framework that provides maximum strength to the pool.

Phase 6: Gunite Application

Using a nozzle applicator, gunite is shot into the pool in a single session to prevent cold bonds or cracks.

Phase 7: Tile and Coping

When the gunite pool shell has cured, the depth tile and cast coping are installed, which is the standard option for building commercial swimming pools.

Phase 8: Deck and Topsoil

The pool deck is installed with a material of your choice and re-spread the topsoil to be ready for landscaping.

Phase 9: Finish and Fill

The interior finish is applied, and water is filled in the pool. The water chemistry is properly balanced, and then your pool is ready for swimming.

The Process
Things To Consider

Things to Consider When Building Commercial Pools

Depending on the size, requirements, and unique features that enhance the area, a commercial pool construction project may take anywhere between 6-12 weeks or more.

Project Design

Every business has to uphold its image. So when you invest in commercial swimming pools, they must reflect your brand. Hire a commercial pool builder that can work with architects or engineers or has a team to design your pool. View your options in a 3-D model rendition before the construction begins.

Permits and Inspections

From getting the design and layout approval to the building permits and inspections, there is a lot that goes into commercial pool construction. Choosing a pool builder that provides a comprehensive package will provide peace of mind while you enjoy the best possible pricing from the suppliers and vendors.

Zoning Requirements

Each state and local U.S. municipality has different commercial pool construction regulations. These are pool fence barriers, safety covers, alarms, suction entrapment protection, and more. An experienced pool contractor with vast knowledge of pool safety and state rules can help you comply with the law.

Things To Consider
Construction Gallery

Construction Gallery

We believe our work speaks for itself. Browse our projects currently under construction.

Construction Gallery
Commercial Pool Renovation

Commercial Pool Renovation

Whether you need to update the tile, coping, or plaster of your current pool/spa or change the look and atmosphere of the space completely, Aquatic Pool Design & Construction can do it all!

We can help you develop a remodeling plan to turn your existing pool into a breathtaking escape.

There is virtually no limit to the features and upgrades we can add to an existing project – tanning ledges, water features, spa additions, new decking layouts, and even pool/spa shape changes! We can also design and install your outdoor kitchen and living needs.

Explore all the exciting and affordable options available when enhancing your existing pool/spa, and let us help you with your project. Give us a call today, and we can come out and give you an estimate on what it will take to turn your outdated swimming pool into a beautiful work of art.

Commercial Pool Renovation


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